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Biochemistry Courses and MS Programs

Listed are biochemistry courses and MS programs offered at ABE member institutions of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. Click on the links below for more information about each course or MS program.  If you have a course or MS program you would like posted here, please read the ABE Policy Statement below then contact us.

Policy Statement: Course Offerings on the ABE Website

Purpose: A free exchange of information for our membership to locate such courses, and to advance biochemistry education at schools of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. All posted content is made available to both ABE members as well as the general public. Who can post: The institution posting must have a course director that is an ABE member. That ABE member must be the one to make the request to post the course offering.

Mechanism: Any ABE member wishing to post a course on the ABE website should contact the ABE webmaster with their request. The member should provide a URL link, directing interested parties to the institutional website (departmental website, AAMC, etc...) where the course is advertised. We do not post documents (word, pdf, etc...) that are advertisement files. Rather the link will direct the interested party to where the course information can be found. We do not post course application files, although the ABE can link to target files hosted on their institutional website, or Google docs, dropbox, SkyDrive on Windows Live, etc...

Fee: Free to all ABE members.

Online Summer Remedial Biochemistry

For medical students who have failed biochemistry at their medical/dental/pharmacy institution.

AAMC - Listings for Summer Remedial Medical Biochemistry

Drexel University (page 4 of the PDF)

Tulane University - Application is on website

Online Biochemistry Prerequisite Courses for Health Professions

For students with minimal undergraduate biochemistry experience who wish to increase their knowledge base prior to matriculating at their medical/dental/pharmacy institution.

Tulane University - Application is on website

University of New England - Application is on website

Biochemistry MS and Post-Bac Programs

To enrich and improve academic credentials for admission at a medical/dental/pharmacy institution.

Tulane University - MS Application is on Website

Mercer University - MS Application is on Website

Boston University - MS Application is on Website

Tufts University - Post-bac Application is on Website

Rutgers UniversityMedical Scholars Track Dental Scholars Track

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