Membership Chair

Membership Committee

The ABE Membership Committee consists of the President Elect (Committee Chair), the Past President, and the Executive Manager. The committee oversees enrollment of new members, assists active membership through dues payments, maintenance of the membership roster and organizational demographics, contacts active ABE members regarding important information of upcoming events, conferences or activities, and advises the ABE Board with regard to member enrollment and demographics. The membership committee also works with the Finance Committee to coordinate dues into the working ABE budget, and with the Professional Development Committee to develop new member resources, and distribute them to active ABE members.   


Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) supports the career development of biochemistry educators as curricular leaders, master teachers and assessors, effective mentors, and educational scholars. The PDC will identify experts, plan and organize seminars and/or workshops at the ABE biannual meeting, conduct/support webinars, or create other resources to support educator professional development.

Professional Development Committee Members: Tameka Clemons, Trevor Creamer, Kim Dahlman, Martha Faner, Sheri Fong, David Franklin, Vasudeva Kamath, Neil Osheroff

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EDRC Chair


The Education Resource Development Committee (ERDC) supports the development of biochemistry educational resources. The Education Resource Development Committee will strive to make resources publicly available and free of charge. The ERDC will schedule a seminar/workshop at each national ABE meeting. View Resources

Education Resource Development Committee Members:  Jim Baleja, Judith Binstock, Vivek Joshi, Pasquale Manzerra, Steve Sharkady, Doug Spicer, Jaya Yodh, Asma Zaidi

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Nomination Chair

Nomination Committee

The ABE Nomination Committee is appointed by the ABE Board 90 days prior to the biennial meeting to oversee the nomination and election of new ABE Board members.  The Committee collects and disseminates candidate biographies, communicates the election process to the ABE membership, and conducts the election at the biennial meetings.

Finance Chair

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is chaired by the ABE Treasurer and oversees the yearly operating budget of the ABE.  The Finance Committee assesses the financial feasibility of proposals for ABE expenditures and advises the ABE Board on finances, particularly in preparation for the biennial meetings.

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