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Welcome Reception - Sunday, May 3

RSVP will be available to registered attendees only and will open 1 week prior to the meeting.  You will receive an email with your login to access the virtual platform.  The link to RSVP will be made available to you at that time - all attendees will be able to participate; there is no limit on the number of attendees for this event.

Social Event - Wednesday, May 5

Join us for an Escape Room Adventure!
You and your team have been captured by the infamous pirate name Blackbeard and have been tossed into the brig of the ship, you have exactly one hour to make your escape while he is out pillaging and plundering or you will be thrown overboard into shark infested waters. 

Each team will be tasked with navigating a 3D mapped version of the ship, this will allow everyone to solve special interactive puzzles as a team and enter codes.  Every group will be assigned a live host for each game to give clues at any time and a brief introduction. This game is best experienced using a laptop/desktop with a mouse, although a trackpad is possible it may offer less control versus a dedicated mouse. This system is currently unsupported using a phone/tablet to explore the room.

Choose from 3 different time options:
  • 6:15-7:15 PM EDT - 30 spaces total 
  • 7:30-8:30 PM EDT - 30 spaces total
  • 8:45-9:45 PM EDT - 30 spaces total
RSVP here

Important Notes:

  • Only registered attendees are allowed to participate. Do not RSVP if you have not yet registered for the meeting!
  • Due to limited availability, we ask that you only register for ONE time slot so everyone has a chance to participate.  
  • Duplicate entries for multiple time slots will be disregarded. 
  • RSVP is on a first come, first-served basis - you will be contacted several days before the conference to confirm your space.  Submission of the interest form is NOT a guarantee you will receive a space.
  • If you cannot attend, please let us know at least 1 day in advance so we can release your space to another attendee.

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