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Professional Development Committee

The overall goal of this Association of Biochemistry Educators (ABE) Professional Development Committee (PDC) is to support the career development of biochemistry educators as curricular leaders, master teachers and assessors, effective mentors, and educational scholars.

The PDC plans and organizes seminars and/or workshops at the ABE biannual meeting, conducts/supports webinars, and/or creates other resources to support educator professional development.

Professional Development Committee Initiatives

These pages are only accessible to ABE members:

The ABE Professional Mentoring Initiative matches our more veteran members with less experienced colleagues in a one-to-one longitudinal mentoring relationship.

Mentoring Resources are also available to all members. 

The ABE Collaboration Network identifies areas for collaboration among ABE members, to develop new resources such as biochemistry learning objectives, exam question banks, and other initiatives.  The Network allows ABE members to post new collaboration ideas, or identify potential collaborations, to join into already ongoing collaborations.

PDC Responsibilities

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) will:

  • Schedule monthly one-hour virtual meetings and meet at least 6 times per year.
  • Evaluate the need for and develop new professional development initiatives and resources.
  • Support and participate in existing PDC initiatives (i.e. Webinars, Mentoring program)
  • Plans and organizes professional development sessions for the biennial meeting (i.e. Breakfast round table, Networking lunch)
  • Report on the activities of the PDC to the Board and membership

Committee Structure

  • The PDC will be composed of 8 ABE members elected by an electronic ballot sent to all current ABE members. Elections will be held at the beginning of the calendar year.
  • Members will serve 2-year terms, with no term limits. The terms will be offset so that half the membership (4 members) will be up for election each year.
  • The PDC committee members will elect a chair and a secretary from within their group within two months after the announcement of the PDC election results.  The chair will not serve more than two consecutive 2-year terms as chair.
  • At least one member on the committee will be an ABE Board member (non-voting ex officio unless the PDC contains an elected ABE board member).
  • If a committee member leaves the committee with more than one year left on their term an open election will be held to replace them for the rest of that term. If there is less than one year left on their term they will not be replaced until the end of their normal term.

Policies & Procedures

  • The PDC will have a conference call at least once every other month to discuss the development and launch of activities, with additional meetings at the discretion of the Chair as required.         
  • Quorum (>50% of voting members) must be present to vote on any motion.
  • Motions will be passed with a majority vote; the chair will vote only to break a tie.
  • Any ABE member can attend PDC meetings (in person at the biannual meeting, by call-in, or video conference) but will not be able to vote.
  • The PDC secretary will record minutes and make them accessible via the ABE website to all ABE members.
  • The PDC Chair will designate one member of the PDC to give oral committee reports at least quarterly at ABE board meetings, with the PDC secretary providing a written report annually.
  • Ad-hoc subcommittees can be formed as needed, which can contain members not in the PDC, to develop and launch activities.


Association of Biochemistry Educators (ABE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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