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ABE Featured Member - July/August 2023

What are your name and title/rank?

David S. Franklin, PhD; Associate Professor, Tulane University School of Medicine 

How long have you been a member of ABE, and what attracted you to the organization?

I have been a member since 2008 when the organization first formed.

Looking at your time with the association, what have you most enjoyed doing? What are you looking forward to?

Interacting with members at meetings and increasing the resources for education and educational training for members.

Tell us more about your ABE conference contributions. If you aren't presenting, what are you most excited about engaging in?

I have been a board member since the organization began. I created the original website and helped to populate it with resources created by members, and also uploaded conference files. Between conferences, I was involved in membership functions and messaging members with important ABE information.

If people would like to follow you on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc), what are your handles?

I have none.

What interesting things are you working on outside of the association right now? Research, presentations, hobbies, etc.

Education, First-year Medical biochemistry course, MS program director, curriculum design

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