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Enjoy these exclusive benefits when you join ABE:

New Member Application

How to complete the Membership Application

  1. Click the link at the bottom of this section to start a new ABE application. NOTE: Your email must be from an accredited school. It cannot be generic emails, such as gmail, yahoo or iCloud address. You will receive your first email notification once your application is properly submitted.
  2. You will receive a second email notification from the ABE Information Manager once it is determined that your application for ABE membership is approved. If there are concerns or issues with your application, you may instead receive an email requesting clarification. 
  3. Once it is determined that your application for ABE membership is deemed appropriate, you will be instructed to pay ABE annual dues ($65). Please do not pay the ABE dues prior to the earlier steps, as it is difficult to issue a refund if your application is not deemed appropriate for ABE membership.
  4. You will receive a final email notification once both the application is approved and dues are received.  Your ABE membership will then become fully activated and you should have access to all pages on the ABE website and its complete member resources. 

You are an active ABE member only after getting approval from the ABE Information Manager AND having paid annual membership dues.

Click here for NEW ABE Membership Application

Current ABE Members

To be an active ABE member, you must be current with your annual dues ($65).

Dues paid are for the calendar (not academic) year. You will receive an email reminder notice in mid-December to renew your membership for the upcoming calendar year prior to January 1.

Failure to pay dues by January 31 will result in the inactivation of your ABE membership.

Payment of Annual ABE Dues

In order to support the ABE mission, all ABE members must pay annual dues of $65. Subsequent membership dues are renewed every January 1, regardless of when you paid the previous year's dues. 

To renew your ABE member annual dues, simply login to your member account and follow the renewal prompts. Payments may be made by credit card or check.  We accept all major credit cards. To pay by check, select "generate an invoice"

Dues related questions

Did I pay my dues in this calendar year?

When did I pay my dues this year?

If you want answers to these questions, log into the dues payment link above. Once you are logged in, you will see a summary of your payment. There is a renewal date. If it is January 1 of this year, you have not paid your dues yet this calendar year. If you have paid your dues this year, the renewal date should be January 1 of next year. If you still want more information of when you paid your last dues, click on the Membership Dues link, and proceed to checkout. Scroll down to transactions and click on the previous transactions link. You will see more info on when you paid last, and what card was used. If you have trouble with this procedure, contact the Information manager for additional assistance.  

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